Tools will make
it work.

our Tool Bag is quite full!

Unique Tools For Our Agents

After nearly 15 years in the industry we discovered there were some tools that should be provided for agents new or seasoned.

Through The Cruise Studio, Prima Travle Agents have a unique set of tools and resources at their keyboard. Make sue of these tools too easily design and build your travel business.

Market Solutions
When you add this package to your membership, you'll experience excellent marketing tools, resources and solutions, including access to our corporate website, where we make leads possible.
We are working to develop a lead generation program. We represent PTA members at mall trade shows and vendor booths around Texas.
In house training, supplier based training, and consortia based training as well as The Travel Academy and Travel Agent University are all available for you.
E & O insurance is available.
Tools & Apps
Custom trip booking system with automated booking tracking, free travel club site, free personal microsite, in house marketing and blogs and more.
Custom Designed Marketing
Yes. We provide FREE and low cost graphic resources to all of our agents. And the library is growing.