Tools will make
it work.

our Tool Bag is quite full!

Unique Tools For Our Agents

After nearly 15 years in the industry we discovered there were some tools that should be provided for agents new or seasoned.

We work very hard to create a robust set of resources to help you build your business, including our new redesigned back office to coincide with our purchase of OpulEssence Travel Co., a Signature Travel Network Luxury agency.

A full service Social Media Planner, Scheduler with video tools, editing tools and a scheduling calendar
Both agencies, OpulEssence Luxury and The Cruise Studio offer in-house marketed lead services as well as Consortium leads. Leads are ALWAYS yours.
Training via University of Ensemble (basic program agents) Signature University (Luxury program agents) in house training, marketing training, FaceBook training, and more. Supplier webinars and training & support are always available and free.
Our Basic and Luxury both offer included Insurance at $1000 deductible. A copy of our policy can be made available upon request. As long as you are identified as "Affiliated with The Cruise Studio or OpulEssence Travel Co., you are covered. We always recommend you to consider getting your own if you are booking more than 10+ trips per month.
For our Basic Agents, UMapped Itinerary Builder, TraveConnect CRM ($30 for the basic agent) Sabre Cruise and other associated booking engines. For Luxury: ClientBase Online ($150y) TripCreator $9m, and inquire about booking engine availability.
Custom Designed Marketing
Yes. We provide FREE and low cost graphic resources to all of our agents. And the library is growing.
Ensemble Features
University of Ensemble, HotelsExpress, Car Express & Air Express booking, SabreCruise for Cruises, ongoing webinars, more custom websites feature Ensemble marketing, free social & digital media marketing, or have us do it for you and more. Your own Agent Profile for lead generation (leads are yours)
Replicated Website
For our basic and our luxury agents we create unique sites around your niche. They are cloned, with a little variety. Usually a site takes about 4-6 weeks during busy seasons to get up and running. (you can point your own personal domain to the site if you wish.
Signature Travel Features
Check out our Signature Travel Network page for more details. This is the Consortium for Luxury Agents.
Advaia Special Websites For Luxury Agents.
You also can have a standard advaia website With your information included. These sites are usually $20 a month with a setup fee.

When you become the agent

When you become the agent, you can book anyone you meet or know and yourself. Travel the world for education, enjoyment or financial gain. Start your career today with Innovative Travel Agent Network.