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We started out as a member of Travel Leaders Network, but moved to Ensemble Travel because of unique resources they were quickly developing. This is a great place to start and Ensemble Agent membership is granted almost immediately. You get access after your first booking.

Fill out the Agent Agreement
Fill out a w9 and send it to us.
Then ask us for the JANUARY HAR HOT DEAL
And we'll invoice you our BEST program, Entrepreneur 2 years for $300!

Personal Travel Agents

Not ready to fully become a Travel Advisor, but definitely know you want to start learning, and you’d like to earn commission? Perhaps you’d like to bring your clients (which will ALWAYS be yours) to us as a referral agent, that’s great. We can set you up as a Personal Travel Agent AND we will help you with your clients while still giving you a really nice commission.
We will get you a Profile Webpage, Ensemble Travel Access and help you with training and getting yourself set up – and prepared to upgrade later.
No E&O is necessary, as you are only booking yourself at this level.
$49.95 per year
55% Commission
Book $5,000 in travel that departs and get a 5% increase in commission.

Professional Travel Agents

Already an agent? Looking for another Host Agency? Looking for a smaller Host that will treat you like family? Especially for those willing to take a chance and join with us, we’re going to take a chance with you. HAR agents will get our favorite program with an incredible deal.

E&O Insurance with a $750 deductible | Agent Micro-site with Profile Page, Home Page and Niche page (site is yours for a host fee if you leave us) | Supplier Training, In House Training, FAM Trips, Ensemble University Training | Rewards for high sales | CLIA when qualified | CRM* |  Itinerary Builder * | SociCalendar | VideoDash Maker | Free Marketing Resources | Social Media Graphics | and more.

$99 per year
70% Commission
Book & earn $25,000 gross travel receipts that travel and keep this deal your second year.


Want to be a branch office?
Get everything we have to offer.
Be listed as a Branch of The Cruise Studio and get your own Branch management level of Ensemble as well as run your agency quite as you like.
Not for the faint of heart.
$600 per year
100% Commission
$100k sales volume required or a 2.5% commission FEE will be assessed.
Sales volume your first year is only $75k when you finish the Ensemble Travel Group Training Program.

Entrepreneur Travel Agents

This level is for the serious minded travel agent. You know who you are. You want more and you feel that you deserve it. You want in on a ground floor opportunity because you know when those moments arrive. You want a small family, but you also want to be there when it grows and gains serious momentum.
For HAR agents, we are giving you a ground floor opportunity. Join us at our highest level for Basic Agency and get a heck of a deal. Maintain your sales volume year over year and keep the price. Reach a $50,000 volume and keep the price the next year.   (see limited HAR Host Week Special Last Minute Deal to the right!)
Full basic website, Ensemble web tools, and more. When we grow and add, you’ll have first chance to upgrade at a much less cost than others. Get everything in this bundle. Get in on the inside.
$300 per year

90% Commission

Get 2 years for $300 and a 90% commission when you email us and join by January 15!  Extra special HOT deal! 

Entrepreneur EXTRA HOT DEAL

Only Through January 15, 2021!
  • E&O $750 Deductible
  • Basic Micro Site Web
  • All the other great deals
  • 2 years for only $300

Ready to get started. You can sign up above for either the Basic Ensemble program or the top, Luxury with Signature Travel Network. Then make sure you come back here to fill out the Agent Agreement Application.