Turn a passion for travel into a flexible source of income and reward. When you become a Personal to Professional agent, you can sell travel to anyone, yourself included. Book cruises, vacations, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, tours, airline tickets, car rentals and more. You’ll earn a commission based on the travel you sell.

ITA-Network gives you the opportunity to benefit from your love of travel. Become an independent travel agent with ITAN and you’ll make money.

Our Associates

Our successful associates come from all types of backgrounds:

  • Stay at home Mom
  • Recently Retired
  • College Graduates
  • Career Changers
  • Job Haters
  • Those looking for a new host agency
  • People wanting to merge travel with an existing business
  • Cronic Travelers
  • Cruise Aholics

No matter what your present occupation or career status is, YOU can earn extra, or more income when you combine your love of travel with our host agency.

Enjoy Financial Freedom and flexibility.

Our agents earn on their own terms and report only to themselves. Whether you book travel once a year or once a day, being an agent pays for itself. You can use the money you earn to supplement your income or to fuel your continuing passion for travel.

Be Social. Have Fun. Travel More.

Your new career, your part time job, or your hobby.

Why use a Travel Agent?

Thanks to the ease of the internet, many people feel that travel agents no longer exist. This is not true.  Often when you think you’re comparing prices of hotels, airlines and other vacation packages, especially on today’s top sites, you’re in fact mostly comparing deals of companies that are owned by each other. The deals you think you’re getting are fostered by a false comparison and non-competition. They are really illusions of great deals. When you are an agent, your friends, and family and clients will take great satisfaction in knowing that you have been prepared to do this properly and with great care for their most prized possession, their vacation savings.